What If We Could Communicate Through Scent?

“The chemical messages came to her faintly, much-diluted and far away, like whispers on the breeze. She submerged her whole foot in the water and began to walk, dampening the nerve signals that screamed cold! as the waves lapped at her thighs.” One of the key plot points of my work in progress is that … Continue reading What If We Could Communicate Through Scent?

Review: “He Who Shapes” by Roger Zelazny

Hello dear readers, I’m back from the whirlwind that was my Writers of the Future experience – but I’ve been doing so much writing about it between an upcoming article for Compelling Science Fiction and a Reddit AMA taking place tomorrow that I’m devoting today’s entry to an entirely different subject. One of the many … Continue reading Review: “He Who Shapes” by Roger Zelazny

“Goodnight, Melancholy,” by Xia Jia

© Nevit Dilmen, 04900 Toy Rabbit, Cropped, CC BY-SA 3.0   It’s review time again! I’ve been scanning the pages of Asimovs, Analogs, and others for particularly spectacular stories –  and I’ve finally found one that I really want to talk about. You all know that Clarkesworld is my favorite free-to-read science fiction magazine – and … Continue reading “Goodnight, Melancholy,” by Xia Jia

Publication Announcement: “Skychildren”

It’s been a while, readers. Sorry about that. The New Year has been a whirlwind – two full manuscript requests, advance reading to do for the Writers of the Future workshop in April, and a surprise notification of publication from Compelling Science Fiction, I’ve been a bit busy. But about that surprise notification! Some of you are … Continue reading Publication Announcement: “Skychildren”

Merry Christmas! A Gift for My Readers

Good afternoon, dear ones, I hope you are having a wonderful one. I thought I would celebrate Christmas this year by sharing some of my favorite resources for science fiction readers and writers. On this first day of Christmas, I’ve compiled links to the best free-to-read stories I’ve found online this year (the ones I … Continue reading Merry Christmas! A Gift for My Readers