I’m thrilled to announce that my short story “Hostess” can be found in the March/April 2022 edition of Analog Science Fiction & Fact! Subscribe online or purchase through Barnes & Noble to read.
My short story collection “Twiceborn” is now available for purchase through Barnes & Noble and! Ebook and paperback formats available.
My all-new short story “Evangeline” is available as part of the Baen Books anthology “Weird World War III,” edited by Sean Patrick Hazlett. Available in bookstores and online book retailers everywhere!

CompellingMy short story “Skychildren” is available in print in the English language for the first time in “Compelling Science Fiction: The First Collection.” 

CrashPhilosophyTwo never-before-seen short stories in the Unification Universe can be found in “Crash Philosophy: The First Collision” from Nerdy Things Publishing!

My short story “Twiceborn,” covering the infancy of Devi Amar, is free-to-read for all online thanks to Compelling Science Fiction!

skychildrenMy short story “Skychildren,” covering the infancy of the transhumanist Nihilan culture, is free-to-read for all online thanks to Compelling Science Fiction!

Comets Kick Up Dust in Helix Nebula
My short story “The Drake Equation” is available in paper and Kindle formats in the USA Today best-selling anthology, “Writers of the Future Vol. 33!”

A new version of this story, along with several never-before-seen works, will be released in the upcoming short story collection ‘Strange Kin’ in June of 2019.

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