Publication Announcement: “Skychildren”


It’s been a while, readers.

Sorry about that. The New Year has been a whirlwind – two full manuscript requests, advance reading to do for the Writers of the Future workshop in April, and a surprise notification of publication from Compelling Science Fiction, I’ve been a bit busy.

But about that surprise notification!

Some of you are aware of my “Skychildren” universe, whose novel-in-progress, The Book of Kabira, follows the reunion of several branches of the human family in a future of space colonization and advanced bioengineering.

Last year I penned a short story in the same universe. The short story “Skychildren” covers a point in history I’ve been mulling for a while: the point where some of Earth’s children decide that being “merely human” is no longer enough.

What would it take to decide to brave experimental procedures to become something the universe has never seen before? Who would do it – and how would the powers of Earth respond?

For my take on some of these questions, check out the current issue of Compelling Science Fiction – free-to-read online here, or available for purchase for e-reader devices here.

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