Happy New Year! Tools for Writers

Good evening lovelies, Well, this was going to be part of my “Christmas gift” blog post – but the data mining took a little longer than anticipated. What data mining, you ask? Why, the mining of information about my favorite 19 speculative fiction markets to submit to. I’ve noticed an interesting dynamic present in many writing … Continue reading Happy New Year! Tools for Writers

Writers of the Future Win!

I’m pleased to announced that my short story, “The Drake Equation,” will be appearing in the 2017 Writers of the Future anthology! I first became acquainted with the Writers of the Future contest 10 years ago, when I stumbled across one of their anthologies in a used bookstore. From the very first story in Vol. 22 … Continue reading Writers of the Future Win!

The Value of “Down Time” for Writers

“Libellago lineata male-Kadavoor-2015-08-21-001” © 2015 Jeevan Jose, Kerala, India is used here under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License The Oatmeal once gave a very good piece of advice: if you want to succeed at something creative, think about it really, really hard. Then forget about it. This has been one of the hardest … Continue reading The Value of “Down Time” for Writers

Why and How to Write Short Stories (Even If You Normally Don’t)

I am one of those writers who has more trouble writing short than long. Several of my most beloved novel concepts started out as short story concepts – and then just kept growing. I’ve had other writers tell me the same thing – that they just don’t see any point in writing short stories because … Continue reading Why and How to Write Short Stories (Even If You Normally Don’t)

That Shock of Recognition

Being a writer can be strange. You’ve likely heard all sorts of things about how fiction writers work. Alice Walker and Jean M. Auel were among those who eventually behaved very much as though they were not creators, but mediums – both were known to thank their characters “for showing up,” and suggest at times … Continue reading That Shock of Recognition