Writers of the Future Win!


I’m pleased to announced that my short story, “The Drake Equation,” will be appearing in the 2017 Writers of the Future anthology!

I first became acquainted with the Writers of the Future contest 10 years ago, when I stumbled across one of their anthologies in a used bookstore.

From the very first story in Vol. 22 – a unique tale of mythic fantasy – I was hooked. I ended up falling in love with almost all of the short stories in that book.

When the wonderful Stephen Merlino gave me a signed copy of WOTF Vol. 32 at this year’s Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers’ Conference just a few months ago, I had no idea that my own work would be appearing in Vol. 33!

The Writers of the Future Contest has known some controversy due to its founder – L. Ron Hubbard, the same man who founded Scientology.

Now that he’s only remembered for the unfortunate path his religion has taken, many folks don’t even remember that he was a science fiction writer first, before he was a guy who decided that his science fiction was actually divine revelation.

Hubbard penned dozens of novels about the ramifications of space travel and extraterrestrial life during the Silver Age. And although he’s not remembered as a literary brilliance on par with Asimov or Clarke, he believed deeply in the importance of art – particularly speculative fiction – to the future of society.

During his career, Hubbard wrote numerous essays and letters of advice to aspiring writers. Many of these are still valued as providing excellent assistance for putting ideas onto paper and getting them to broader audiences.

When he looked around in his old age and saw that there was very little financial or emotional support for new writers of speculative fiction, he used the revenues from his own fiction sales to start the Writers of the Future Contest.

The contest was designed to provide significant support to new writers of speculative fiction in the fields where few resources existed for them: publicity, craft education, and monetary support.

Winners of the contest are treated to assistance by one of Galaxy Press’ publicists in spreading the word about their work in local media around their hometown.

The contest winnings routinely double or triple standard professional publication rates, and winners are treated to a week long intensive workshop about craft and business by successful writers.

So to all of you aspiring writers out there, I encourage you to enter this contest for a chance to supercharge your writing career.

And to all of you readers – the WOTF anthology is a great place to find a new crop of science fiction and fantasy writers each year.

My own short story, “The Drake Equation,” takes place in a fictional universe that will be new to my readers, where the question of our survival may be determined by our own nature.

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